Benjamin Alika

Inspirational Leadership Development Coach & CEO, Century Innovation
Benjamin Alika

My compelling passion is to inspire men and women to live a life of significance, leadership and influence. Recognizing that every man is endowed by their Maker with extra-ordinary possibilities to thrive, excel, innovate and transform their world given the opportunity and support. I reckon this passion flows as a family heritage – a heritage of service and justice.

It is a passion rooted in my firm belief that the only way to a progressive, peaceful and fulfilling life for all humanity is in the collective advancement and equal opportunities for all, irrespective of race, religion or gender.

This is what my whole life is about. My name is Benjamin Alika, a lawyer, called as a priest of God with extra-ordinary gift of inspiration, insight and wisdom, a leadership development coach and change advisor.

Graduated from the University of Benin and Nigerian Law School 1989 and 1991 respectively. Called to the Nigerian Bar and started off with active law practice in 1992. Served as Company Secretary/legal adviser, Transparency International Nigeria; Legal Officer for Harvard РNigeria Project, initiators of Nigeria’s Due Process Initiative. Established and heads an innovative solutions and change leadership project, Century Innovation. Consults for government agencies, corporate organizations and churches on leadership, policy and change solutions. Married with two daughters.


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