Memuna Williams

President, Avantgarde Translations Inc
Memuna Williams

Memuna Williams is a professional translator and manager with a 21-year career working in language services and business and serving in trade organizations. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Translation, a Master of Arts in Translation from the top French-language university in North America and a Master of Business Administration from an AACSB accredited business school. Mrs. Williams is currently a DBA candidate at an AACSB accredited school.

Mrs. Williams started her language services career in Canada at an independent, public railway company with roughly 13 billion dollars in revenue operating in six Canadian provinces and 13 US states. She went on to work in the United States for a global business services provider with more than 70 offices on five continents, for a premier localization service provider and for her own award-winning firm with offices in the US, Canada, Kenya and Nigeria. Mrs. Williams is currently the Chief Operating Officer at a non governmental organization in Lagos, Nigeria. She has been named a Woman in Business by the Charlotte Business Journal.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Williams has extended her workplace experience with service on the boards of trade associations. At these organizations, she has been entrusted with such assignments as commenting on the state of business for women business owners at a public Chamber of Commerce meeting and representing women business owners as a panelist at a Small Business Administration conference that was gathering information on the needs of women business owners for President Obama.

She has written articles and given conference presentations on language services and business management. She is passionate about helping people build businesses that will continue as going concerns over the long term and contribute positively to their communities.

Mrs. Williams is married to Victor Williams, and they have three boys.


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