Solomon Ikhioda

Curator, Inimitable Limited
Solomon Ikhioda

For over two decades, Solomon Ikhioda has designed Marketing Strategy and Communication for leading global brands in Nigeria and the larger EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) markets at MC&A Saatchi & Saatchi and InsightGrey.

A keen trend watcher and Advertising Creative Director, Solomon specializes in mining codes from proceeding popular culture to help brands thrive in the market.

Now as Curator at Inimitable Limited, he consults on Corporate Visioning, Corporate Culture and Messaging; as guarantees for corporate financial performance.

Solomon Ikhioda is committed to pushing the agenda of the “design premium” as a policy for Nigeria- the notion that good design enhances the value of a service, product or system; thereby creating profit and wealth.

He sees Africa truly rising when it has exploited its peculiar ethnography for socio-economic development to become, at least, at par with the developed world; free from illiteracy, superstition and the consequences of under development.


Winning by Creative Destruction

  • Jeff & O'Brien Training International
  • HCDC
  • DBH Consultancy
  • Lotus Fitness & Health
  • The Talion Group
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