Stephen Ochola

Founder, CEO - CrystalKlear Studios
Stephen Ochola

Stephen is a professional Architect with a passion for empowerment and transformation of individuals and their communities. A regular motivational speaker amongst business executives and young professionals, he seeks to create an awareness of the extreme potential and capabilities of the individual and their communities.

An alumni of Haggai International where he is International faculty, Stephen is involved in leadership development and mentorship. He has pioneered a leadership-mentorship programme, and currently is working on a leadership- incubator programme where emerging leaders are intensively trained over a period.

Stephen has enjoyed a varied career as an Architect, Designer and Business entrepreneur. Over the last 15 years, his contribution has been a diverse one. As an Architect, he is involved in major infrastructural developments, across the region. Currently as a senior partner and head of design team at Creations Consult Africa Ltd., he is involved in the day to day running of the Firm, and particularly in charge of the design and planning studio.

As a Business entrepreneur, Stephen has been involved in several start-ups and management of various local and regional business concerns. Stephen brings the strategic focus and business acumen he has gained over the years to the forefront of these businesses. Stephen sits on a number of business organization boards, bringing strength in the strategic planning and functional efficiency areas.

Married to Lydia, with whom they have three lovely children, Stephen is also involved in several civil concerns directed towards society improvement and development. “From whining to Dining” is one of such concerns, an organization focused towards encouraging people in the diaspora from the northern region of Uganda to return to their districts and engage in community changing developments. This concern is now working on providing a proposal for a Physical master plan for Kitgum town based on city and town studies in Europe, and North America. “Our goal is to create a functional extremely beautiful, green energy city” says Stephen of these plans.

Stephen is also a passionate musician and creative artist. At CrystalKlear studios where he is founder and CEO, he is involved in music production, discovery and development of new talent.


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