The Niara Institute

The Niara Institute


Niara (noun) Swahili: “one with high purpose”.

A platform for inspired innovations as solutions to the problems that face Africa.

By redefining values, developing change leaders, integrating collaborative initiatives and implementing solutions towards the acceleration of Africa’s transformation.

Professionals in all spheres; Private and Public.

If people are going to find solutions to complex and mutating problems, they need a continuous and higher level of education so they can lead thought, theories, ideas, arguments that control business and bring hope for the revival of a world that is on life support.

The Vehicle

The Niara Institute – Leadership Development and National Transformation Course

PART 1: Training- To stir minds and impart knowledge that builds capacity for solutions.
PART 2: Defining Issues and Prototyping Solutions.
PART 3: Refining & Implementing Solutions.

Spread across 14 selected Saturdays from February to June 2015.

Course Curriculum & Time-Table

Module 1

Winning by Creative Destruction

It takes Superior Ideas to Overturn Dominant Ideas that Devalue Man & the Earth

Module 2

Why Change is Inevitable & Why You Must Upturn the Prevailing Theory of Wealth That Has Created Poverty, Conflict & Dearth of Leadership

Module 3

How Truth helps you Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Module 4

Globalization & the Future of Africa - How To Turn its Challenges Into Opportunities

Module 5

The Power of Strategic Thinking and Commitment: The Four Lepers and Gilgal Case Studies

Module 6

Re-appraising Your Identity & Affirming Your Significance

Module 7

You Are A Leader: The Discovery

Module 8

Nation Building: Defining the Challenge - Understanding Constitutionalism And Justice

Module 9

Design The Solutions

Inspired Innovation: Prototyping solutions Through Creative Destruction

Module 10

Wrap Up & Submissions

Course Duration & Dates

  • Fourteen Saturdays – spread through 7th February to 20th June 2015
  • Sessions – 5 hours – between 10am – 3pm
  • Each Session Divided into 2 Segments; with a Snack Break
    • Part A – Lecture 2 hours
    • Tea Break 30 minutes
    • Part B – Lecture 90 minutes
    • Q&A, Interactive Session and Summary – 30 minutes

All course materials will be provided


  • FEBRUARY: 7th, 21st
  • MARCH: 7th, 14th, 21st
  • APRIL: 11th, 18th, 25th
  • MAY: 9th, 16th, 23rd
  • JUNE (Workshop Month): 6th, 13th, 20th

Registration Fees: N25,000

One off payment or five monthly payments of N5,000

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